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GotFreeMovies offers New Movies, Action Movies, Drama Movies, Horror Movies, Comedy Movies and much more. If your looking for new release movies the best way to find them is to use the search at the top of the site because the movies are in order from oldest to newest or go to the beginning of the list by using the below

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Some Stuff I thought You Should Know...

Hopefully you will be able to find the movie you are looking for and you won't have trouble finding or watching those movies. The search box doesn't seem to always pickup everything so if you can't find it try typing it another way. I operate this site by myself and it can take me some time to find or re-find movie links and I don't always realize they are down. So if you find a movie that's down please let me know in the thoughts section so I can fix it or try at least.

MegaVideo stops their movies after 70 minutes of viewing I think, something like that. So to get around this you will want to click pause, and wait until the whole movie loads. Then go up to file on your browser and click work offline. Then you should be able to watch the whole movie with no problems. So hope everything works out for you and if you have any problems or anything at all don't hesitate to ask a question in the thoughts section.

A Little About Me in Case Your Curious

This website or blog, if you wanna call it that, is made by a 17 year old kid in hopes of making money one day, I love working on this website and my other website which you can go to by clicking this sentence lol. Anyways unfortunately I still have a lot to learn especially when it comes to traffic and making money some how from ads. I do my best to keep up with the movies I have linked on this site, which is not always easy because there is no source that won't remove the movies when they find them, for copy right infringement. So I apologize for any inconveniences, there is just simply no way of knowing how long a movie will stay on my site before it gets deleted and once it does I simply have to find a new source for that movie. hmm... well I guess thats about all I had to say so please be encouraged to request a new movie, report a movie not working so I can get a new one, or just to speak your thoughts, any advice you might have would be much apprciated too.

So I hope you enjoy and maybe waist some invaluable time while your at it, Cheers -Taylor

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To Go to the Beginning of the Movie List Where the New Movies Are